Daily Routine of Elon Musk

Daily Routine Of Elon Musk - Daily Business Facts

The man, the legend, the myth. Elon Musk is one of the world’s most fascinating CEOs and here is some of their daily routine of Elon Musk. This South African tech entrepreneur is the market leader in electric vehicles and renewable energy, and he’s also the founder of Space X, a firm that promises to make space flight a reality for the common person.

Here are some of the daily routine of Elon Musk.

List of Daily Routine Of Elon Musk

1. Begin Early

Elon Musk, who barely sleeps six hours, finds more than eight hours of sleep excessive. He’s up and about by 7 a.m., planning how to make the most of the day. This is the best start for daily routine Elon Musk.

Daily Routine Of Elon Musk - Daily Business Facts

2. The Five-Minute Dialogue

As soon as Elon Musk leaves the house, he has meetings and activities scheduled for him. At the start of their daily routine of Elon Musk keeps track of everything and everyone, he schedules all of his appointments in five-minute intervals. His typical work week is between 85 and 100 hours.

3. No Phone Calls or E-mails

He doesn’t spend much time responding to phone calls or e-mails because his schedule is regularly packed. He does, however, have a secret, private e-mail address that is only accessible to those in the know.

4. Weekends and Work

When the Tesla genius has free time, he either remains at home or travels, and he engages his five children in whatever he does. He never stops working, though, as he informs El Clara “I can work when they are around… If I didn’t, I’d never be completed.”

Daily Routine Of Elon Musk - Daily Business Facts

5. Dinner that Satisfies

Following a long day, Elon consumes the majority of his calories at night, admitting that he eats a lot to satiate his appetite. He enjoys diet soda, French cuisine, and BBQ, as well as whiskey and wine.

6. Musk’s Pastimes

Musk’s love of video games may be shown in his tweets. According to Quartz, he previously stated that he enjoys listening to music in his automobile and seeing movies on occasion. Video games are part of their daily routine of Elon Musk.

Daily Routine Of Elon Musk - Daily Business Facts

7. Sleep Schedule

Elon Musk dislikes sleeping because he feels that every minute of his life is necessary for him to construct something greater and accomplish more useful things at work. Elon Musk is a workaholic who devotes all of his time, energy, and commitment to his job. He also admits to not taking any vacations, and that working until 2 or 3 a.m. before resting is not unusual given his position and duties.

8. Gym

Finding time to exercise might be difficult when you work 100 hours a week. Musk, on the other hand, takes his health seriously so fitness is the part of his daily routine of Elon Musk. He makes it a point to go to the gym twice a week to keep in shape. He works out on the treadmill and lifts weights once or twice a week, according to sources.

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