Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

A fast-food franchise can be a very profitable venture. Being your own boss is also appealing. Aside from producing a good annual income, owning a top 5 American food franchises allows you to avoid the start-up costs of promotion and marketing, product development, and quality control that come with going it alone. The disadvantage is that it can be an expensive endeavor. To open a McDonald’s or Taco Bell restaurant, you must have at least $750,000 in liquid assets. If you wish to open a KFC, American Food Franchises, you must have a net worth of at least $1.5 million.

Here’s a look at the top 5 American food franchises considered to be the most popular, and the costs involved in opening each one.

1. Mc-Donald

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 as a hamburger stand and has since grown to become the world’s most well-known and dominant fast-food business. As of 2022, it has one of the world’s greatest brand valuations, and it continues to grow larger and larger every day. McDonald’s has 37,000 restaurants and serves 69 million people every day, which is more than the whole population of the United Kingdom.

McDonald’s is among the top 5 American food franchises that make roughly $75,000,000 per day when all of its stores and customers are added together. McDonald’s is the world’s second-largest employer, employing approximately 1.7 million people. It is known that every 1 in 8 Americans has worked at a McDonald’s once in their life. McDonald’s in its German outlets offers beer as a menu item, a rarity only the Germans enjoy.

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

To be eligible for a McDonald’s, you’ll need at least $955,000 in non-borrowed personal funds. The top 5 American Food franchises enter the system by purchasing an existing restaurant from McDonald’s or a McDonald’s franchisee. A tiny percentage of new operators prefer to buy a new restaurant, however, this demands a 40% down payment, compared to 25% for an established restaurant. The company provides intensive training that covers all areas of running a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s is the most popular and established top 5 American food franchises

2. Subway

Subway is among the top 5 American food franchises with a $1,000 loan, the first Subway debuted in 1965. Fred DeLuca borrowed money from a friend and opened his first store, Pete’s Super Submarines, in Connecticut. Fred changed the name of his Super Sub shop to the now-iconic “Subway” in 1968. As of May 2022, Subway had locations in over 110 countries, with the United Kingdom and Brazil having the most locations outside of the United States. There are around 4,500 Subway locations around the world. Subway announced on Twitter in August 2015 that they have set a new Guinness World Record by simultaneously making the most sub sandwiches. The revenues were all donated to local charities.

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

The overall cost of opening a Subway franchise in the United States is projected to be between $116,600 and $263,150. It covers the entire cost of establishing a Subway franchise as well as the first three months’ operational expenditures. Franchisees pay a royalty charge of 8% of their overall gross revenues after they open. There is also a $15,000 franchise fee. Wendy

3. Wendy

Wendy’s is an American fast food restaurant business that is among the top 5 American food franchises started by Dave Thomas in Columbus, Ohio on November 15, 1969. On January 29, 2006, it relocated its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio. Wendy’s, after Burger King and McDonald’s, was the world’s third-largest hamburger fast-food chain as of December 31, 2018, with 6,711 outlets. The company announced a merger with Triarc Companies Inc., a publicly traded company that owns Arby’s, on April 24, 2008. The headquarters of Wendy’s remained in Dublin. Triarc was renamed Wendy’s/Group Arby’s and then Wendy’s Company after the merger.

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

Wendy’s requires new multiunit franchisees or franchise groups to have $2 million in liquid assets and $5 million in net worth. There is also a $40,000 franchise charge per restaurant, a 4% royalty fee, and a 4% advertising cost, but you will have to wait if you want to buy a franchise. Wendy’s is not now accepting domestic franchise applications, however, international and the top 5 American food franchises appear to be still available.

4. Domino

CEO Richard Allison leads among the top 5 American food franchises international pizza restaurant business Domino, which was founded in 1960. The company is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has its headquarters in Domino’s Farms Office Park. Domino’s had about 15,000 locations as of 2018, with 5,649 in the United States, 1,500 in India, and 1,249 in the United Kingdom. Domino’s has locations in 83 countries and 5,701 cities around the world.

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

Domino’s Pizza established its first American food franchise unit in 1967 and is among the top 5 American food franchises. By 1978, the corporation had opened at least 200 outlets. Pizza is said to have originated in Italy. In Italy, the first international Domino’s store is in Milan. It first opened on October 5, 2015. In 1961, Domino’s co-founder James Monaghan surrendered his 50% ownership in the firm to his brother Tom in exchange for a used Volkswagen, which Tom later sold for $1 billion.

Domino’s Pizza is among the top 5 American food franchises are classified as either internal or external. Internal franchisees have at least one year of experience as general managers at Dominoes. External American food franchises have not previously worked as a general manager for Domino’s, but they do have outside business management expertise. The franchise cost for the first group ranges from $0 to $25,000, depending on the social section (i.e., women, minorities, veterans). The price for external franchisees is fixed at $25,000. Domino’s Pizza provides a comprehensive training curriculum that includes topics such as retail operations, marketing, finance, and human resources.

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is among the top 5 American food franchises business that was founded in 1962 by Glen Bell in Irvine, California. Yum! Brands, Inc. is the parent company of Taco Bell. Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty and specialty items, and a range of “discount menu” items are among the Mexican-inspired cuisine served at the restaurants. Taco Bell serves nearly two billion consumers annually at 7,072 restaurants, with independent franchisees and licensees owning and operating more than 93 percent of them.

Top 5 American Food Franchises In 2022 - Daily Business Facts

By 2023, Taco Bell wants to open 2,000 new Mexican restaurant locations. Taco Bell’s major goal is to find a new is among the top 5 American food franchises that can buy and operate many locations over time. Standalone restaurant costs between $1.2 million and $2.5 million to open, however, this does not include the cost of land or lease. The initial franchise price is $40,000, plus a royalty fee of 4% of gross sales and a 4% gross sales advertising fee.

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