Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

The CMO’s function has been elevated inside the board in the recent year. As a result of this growing clout, it’s worth pausing to consider what marketing’s true aim is. Marketing is an organization’s growth engine, and because it deals with growth, it becomes a very powerful force within the company. The finest and the top 5 innovative CMOs in America can turn their department into a revenue generator rather than a cost center.

Here is the list of the top 5 innovative CMOs in America;

1. Fernando Machado, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

Machado continues to push creative boundaries for McDonald’s, generating new and bizarre advertising campaigns. McDonald’s Happy Meals were the target of its latest “Moody Meals” campaign. In its Google Home of the Whopper TV commercial, the company hacked Google Home devices to hand out information on its signature Whopper burger. Machado has also run campaigns on hot-button issues including LGBTQ rights and net neutrality.

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

Machado most recently oversaw the Whopper Detour, a campaign that used geo fence to promote Burger King’s mobile app by offering customers substantial discounts on its burgers if they passed by a McDonald’s. Over 1.5 million people downloaded the app as a result of the stunt. Machado also handled Burger King’s first Super Bowl commercial in 13 years, which drew attention by incorporating vintage images of Andy Warhol eating a Whopper into a 45-second commercial. Fernando Machado is the most successful and is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America.

Burger King is also expanding rapidly. While Restaurant Brands International’s most recent quarterly earnings fell short of analyst estimates, the company’s market worth of $29.9 billion has increased by 23% this year, while McDonald’s has increased by 10%. Last year, Burger King opened 1,000 outlets worldwide, compared to 600 for McDonald’s. He is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America.

2. Dirk-jan Van Hameren, VP And Chief Marketing Officer, Nike

Dirk-Jan “DJ” van Hameren was elevated to Chief Marketing Officer of Nike in January 2018. He oversees Nike’s Global Marketing organization in this capacity, which aims to authentically connect with and build connections with every consumer that interacts with the NIKE brand. Van Hameren, a 25-year Nike veteran, was most recently VP, and GM of Nike Sportswear, where he and his team led a complete offensive against Nike’s Sportswear business, establishing strong consumer connections through iconic styles like the Air Max and Air Force 1, as well as innovations like Tech Fleece apparel. Under his tenure, they increased revenue by more than $3 billion.

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

His previous positions included VP, Western Europe Brand Management, GM, Nike ID, Global Brand Initiatives Director, and Director of Brand Events. Van Hameren earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Utrecht Business School before joining Nike. Dirk-jan Van Hameren is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America.

While many businesses have dabbled in controversial themes in recent years, none have been as daring or as successful as Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign in 2018. Van Hameren was in charge of Nike’s 30th-anniversary celebrations of its iconic “Just Do It” tagline, which included the “Dream Crazy,” “Dream Crazier,” and “Voice of Belief” campaigns, which featured Kaepernick. According to Time, Nike’s stock soared after the commercial, with sales up 31%.

That’s not to suggest Nike has had it easy. The company was recently chastised after a New York Times investigation revealed that it was one of the firms that penalized pregnant female athletes.

3. Alison Wagonfeld, CMO, Google G Suite

Alison Wagonfeld, the CMO of Google Cloud, has had a remarkable career path that has included creating QuickenLoans for Intuit to start-ups, directing Harvard Business School’s California Research Center to Venture Capital, and finally leading marketing for one of the world’s largest organizations. So, what is Google Cloud, exactly? It is Google’s business unit that oversees all of the company’s data, storage, analytics, and AI technology, as well as G Suite, which includes Google’s business-oriented collaborative productivity products like Gmail and Docs.

Alison Wagonfled, among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America, began her career at Morgan Stanley as an investment banking analyst. She now oversees Google Cloud marketing, which includes Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, and Google Workspace. Her considerable experience has given her a wealth of knowledge. Working as an operating partner at Emergence Capital, a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm focused on enterprise cloud firms, allowed her to gain the skills she needed to advance in the area.

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

She also co-founded two highly successful online marketplaces: the first was QuickenLoans at Intuit, which she co-founded. Second, she was in charge of marketing and business development for an online car-shopping website. Alison was also the Executive Director of the Harvard Business School’s California Research Center and is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America. In this job, she researched, authored, and taught over 100 case studies. Alison Wagonfeld is the most successful among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America.

4. Ann Lewnes, CMO, Adobe Creative Cloud

Ann Lewnes is the Chief Marketing Officer of Adobe and the company’s Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development. Forbes labeled her one of the world’s most influential is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America, while Business Insider named her one of the top 5 innovative CMOs in America. She has a plethora of expertise and information to share after working as the VP of marketing at Intel for over 20 years and as the CMO at Adobe for over 15 years.

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

Her inventive campaigns, such as “Honor Heroes,” which she managed in March 2020, can teach you a lot. Ann has been a part of Adobe’s creative change since 2006 and has worked with a number of superstars, including Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga. Ann was also inducted into the American Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame in 2019. She was then honored with the New York Women in Communications Matrix Award in 2020.

5. Rachel Thornton, CMO, Amazon Web Services

Rachel Thornton is Amazon Web Services’ CMO and VP of Global Marketing and is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America. Her job entails developing marketing and brand strategies, doing market research, consumer segmentation, and product positioning, among other things. She started as an Amazon student in 2013 and rose through the ranks to Vice President, Global Field, and Partner Marketing, at AWS in 2015. She was previously the VP of Marketing for Salesforce in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Top 5 Innovative CMOs In America - Daily Business Facts

Her significant work with well-known brands such as Amazon, Cisco, Microsoft, and Salesforce honed her marketing and management abilities. Rachel develops marketing campaigns using a combination of creativity and data research. She is committed to her leadership beliefs, which include customer obsession—every campaign should start with the customer and work its way forward. Rachel Thornton is one of the popular is among the top 5 innovative CMOs in America.

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